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What if we told you that almost nine out of ten CEOs believe that events will increase their marketing reach and help them generate more sales?


Events can be a great way to showcase your brands identity and a great way to get directly in touch with your audience. We have worked hard to build up a reliable network of suppliers who can provide everything you require to execute a premium event.


With a heavy focus on delivering memorable experiences… let Ricco Events take full responsibility of the event coordination ensuring it runs smoothly. Whether its a brand or product launch, corporate weekenders or a global marketing campaign...

Ricco Events have got you covered.

Image by Jonas Jacobsson


A strong brand is much more than a logo & a tag line! 


Your brand is one of your most valuable assets and is defined by a customer's overall perception of your business. Therefore...a clearly defined, well-known brand is something every ambitious business needs to have. 


At Ricco PR we excel in helping companies decide what they want the look and feel of their brand to be. Brand development will allow your business to grow revenue and create brand awareness.

Whether it is a start up brand that needs to set the right narrative in motion from the beginning, or a well established name that wants to reintroduce itself, Ricco PR works very closely with our clients to understand and appreciate exactly what the brand is, and also help to define what it could be. 


The time to build your brand is NOW!

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